Bonturi rapid fix (vba) – 2 mm rosu

RapidFix Abutments (VBA)

Available overdenture and screw-retained prosthesis (i.e. crowns, bridges and bar
Do not use in single tooth restorations, except splinted prosthesis
All abutments require a prosthetic screw (not included)
All straight transmucosal VBA abutments require a transmucosal insertion instrument
Available in various gingival heights:
(GH) 0.5 – 1.5 – 2.5 – 3.5
Available in various angulations:
0º – 20º – 30º
The abutment and screw is already integrated in the following items:
VBA500005.H/2Pro, VBA500015.H/2Pro, VBA500025.H/2Pro and VBA500035.H/2Pro
Torque recommendations: 15 – 20 Ncm (2 mm Platform) /
5 – 10 Ncm on M1.6 connection screw



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